Brighten your nights!


* Promote your business


* Advertise your products


* Accentuate your brand using corporate colors


* Ideal for Corporate swag

Fortune 500 companies know that strategic advertising and clever marketing are important facets for every successful business. Imagine taking your brand and associating it with a fun, whimsical, outdoor product that everyone will love? Priceless! And what better way to advertise than to display your company’s logo with a product that shines throughout the night?


Whether your business involves travel, automotive sales, beverages, consumables, luxury items, or e-commerce, Lumi-Niter ® Discs are a unique and fun way to advertise your Company name*.

* Ideal for Company Picnics and Sales meetings


* Personalize a “drop” for your clients


* Perfect as a promotional product giveaway to market your brand


* The options are limitless for branding fun!!