Brighten your nights!

Glowstick FAQ's

To Activate the Glowsticks

  1. Bend the Glowstick enough to break the inner glass ampule. Shaking the stick helps to mix the two chemicals that cause the glowsticks to illuminate.

  2. Insert each Glowstick into the channels, starting at the center of the Disc. Push each Glowstick until the stick fully seats in place in the channel.

  3. Mix and match colors to create your desired color pattern. Play for extended hours on end!

  4. When Glowsticks are exhausted, remove them from the channels by pushing each stick from the rim side of the channel until they glide out towards the center of the Disc. Grab the exposed stick to remove it from the channel and dispose of exhausted sticks in a standard garbage receptacle.

CAUTION: For your safety, please inspect the playing area for potholes, uneven surfaces, obstacles, and foreign objects prior to engaging in disc fun. Not intended for pets, as Lumi-Niter ® contains small parts that can become choking hazards if chewed and swallowed by animals.



Glowstick tips:

Glowsticks are made of non-toxic, non-flammable chemicals. They are completely waterproof, therefore, rendering them useful for play in pools, oceans, rivers, and streams.

Un-activated glowsticks have a longer shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place. Keeping them in their original, sealed foil packaging helps maintain this shelf life since the foil helps protect the glowsticks from light, heat and humidity — all which shorten the shelf life of a glowstick.

It’s not easy being “green” unless you are a Glowstick. Green and yellow glowsticks shine the brightest. Glowsticks use chemiluminescence and fluorescent dyes to provide color and light. And green glowsticks have the brightest combination.

How can you tell if a glowstick has been activated? Hold the glowstick up to the light. Invert the glowstick to watch the air bubble rise to the top of the stick. If the air bubble rises in a straight, unaffected pattern, the glowstick is unused. If the bubble rises in a jagged pattern, the glowstick has been previously activated.

Glowsticks have an activation life of 6-8 hours, depending upon the outdoor temperature and storage conditions. Glowsticks will glow brighter in warmer temperatures –however, shorter in duration; and dimmer in cooler temperatures — but longer in duration.Once the ampule inside the glowstick is cracked using a bending, snapping, and shaking motion, the chemical reaction will start to occur. By placing an actively glowing stick in the refrigerator, you can slow down (but not stop) the chemical reaction from occurring.

Under normal conditions, glowsticks will remain intact. However, if a glowstick is damaged or punctured, the chemicals will not cause harm if the ingredients come in contact with your skin. If ingested or the solution comes in contact with your eyes, it may cause irritation. Immediately rinse with water to prevent any adverse situation. If the solution comes in contact with clothing, dilute the area with warm, soapy water. If the solution is left to dry, the area may stain.

You can best predict the glow “color” of the glowstick by using this simple guide when viewing the liquid inside the glass ampule:

  • Blue glowsticks –  appear clear, like water
  • Green glowsticks –  appear bright, fluorescent green
  • Red glowsticks –  appear ruby red
  • Yellow glowsticks – appear golden yellow
  • Pink glowsticks – appear rosy red

Mix and match colors to create your favorite glow patterns.