Brighten your nights!


* Fun for the whole family


* Play in the pool or the ocean


* Entertain friends on the beach


* Exciting glow colors at night!

Most hotels offer a variety of structured activities for kids, families, and guests during the day: Water sports, activities in the pool, crafts, excursions, various contests, etc… But the list starts to dwindle at night. Not every guest enjoys watching a theatrical performance or can spend endless hours at the same nightclub.


So to keep your guests entertained on property and continue their fun experience 24/7, Lumi-Niter ® Disc kits can offer another avenue for fun and excitement on premise. The logo’d areas can include your hotel brand name and corresponding colored glow sticks for guests to remember their stay*.

* Hotels can sell Disc kits in the lobby gift stores


* Lumi-Niter ® Discs can be rented at the Activity Kiosk, where replacement

   Glowsticks can be purchased in various color choices

  (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink)


* Structured games can be played w/ guests at dusk


* Branded Discs can be given as prizes for contest winners


* The options are limitless for night time fun!!