Brighten your nights!

Kids Corner

Kids love to have fun! And what better way to keep them safe, entertained, and active outdoors than with Lumi-Niter ® Discs? Both the Discs and glowsticks come in 5 assorted colors allowing kids to choose their favorite combinations to mix and match to create cool, glowing patterns in the night sky.


Choose your favorite park, waterpark, open field — or even close to home in your own back yard. Parents can join in on the action too, getting all the neighbors to play along. The whole block can join in on hours of fun making memories with their kids.

CAUTION: For your safety, please inspect the playing area for potholes, uneven surfaces, obstacles, and foreign objects prior to engaging in disc fun. Not intended for pets, as Lumi-Niter ® contains small parts that can become choking hazards if chewed and swallowed.