Brighten your nights!

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I play on a Men’s Ultimate Team. I love the design of it and everything about it. I love that it utilizes glowsticks instead of a battery and electronic light system. I think that this design makes it much better, especially with the glowsticks on top. I’m super-estastic! And I know that the rest of the team will be as well.
~Tyler, Crawfordsville IN

It’s great for people looking for something fun to do on the beach or just hanging out. We have a lot of trouble when playing in the dark. So, this is a really fun product.
~ Callie, Columbia MO

It gets you excited to play at night. And it is so cool to play because you get to see it when you play and throw. It’s very light and easy to catch. It’s amazing.
~ Lili, Columbia South America

We had a great evening! SO much fun, especially when it was getting dark. Love the glowing colors as the glowsticks were very easy to see. I don’t have much experience playing with a Disc. But, it was fairly easy to catch.
~ Darius & Joey, Chicago IL

Thanks for making such an awesome product that we can use when we go camping with our family. I really liked the glowsticks. It made it very easy to find when the wind took the disc into the nearby woods. Not a problem to locate it at all!
~Joshua, Gatlinburg TN

This is really cool! Where I live, we have plenty of acreage to play in our “back” yard. Every Friday, a group of friends come to my house, and we build a fire and hang out for a few hours. This gave us something fun to do to change up our routine. Everyone wanted to play. Good thing our neighbors don’t live too close!
~Jesse, Henderson TN

I’ve never seen anything like this before. We could’ve used Lumi-Niter ® last weekend when we were at the beach. Then we wouldn’t have had to call it a night so early. It was a lot of fun! Can’t wait to play again. Great idea!
~Arlin, Springfield MA

Growing up in a small town when you run out of things to do once the sun starts to goes down, there’s not much else to do. It’s something that my friends have tried to replicate. But, actually having something that we can buy and use efficiently, and it WORKS!! You don’t have glowsticks flying everywhere. It’s going to be a lot of fun. And I know that my friends would definitely enjoy playing too.
~ Jacee, Raleigh, MO & Allissa, Rapid City SC