Brighten your nights!

Throws and Catches

Lumi-Niter ® is very easy to use for the novice and professional alike. It can be played most anywhere. Where to play


Experiment with various throws since Lumi-Niter ® will allow you to perfect your game: Forehand, Backhand, Side Arm, Flicks, Huck, Thumber, Scoober. Push Pass, Hammer, etc… Use your best tricks to heighten your enjoyment and create glowing patterns as you play. Lumi-Niter ® has a smooth surface on the bottom, so try your skills at balancing the disc on your finger too. Tips and Kicks will be simple to execute.


Similar catches can be used when playing with Lumi-Niter ®. The Pancake is very common and easy to execute for the beginner; as is the Two Handed Rim. Advanced players can even use a One Handed Rim, but it is still a bit more challenging, regardless of your skill level.


When the sun goes down, that is the time when Lumi-Niter ® starts to shine!

CAUTION: For your safety, please inspect the playing area for potholes, uneven surfaces, obstacles, and foreign objects prior to engaging in disc fun. Not intended for pets, as Lumi-Niter ® contains small parts that can become choking hazards if chewed and swallowed by animals.