Brighten your nights!

Where to Play

Lumi-Niter ® can be played on any surface including: sand, dirt, grass, asphalt, concrete/ pavement, astroturf, or snow. You can use Lumi-Niter ® in the pool because water will not affect or alter the luminescent properties. You can now extend your night time fun on the beach, at the park, at a forest preserve, on a college campus, in the pool at a family outing, while camping, tailgating, or just hanging out — pretty much anywhere!! You get the idea~ You can use the disc during the day and then activate the Glowsticks at night for continued play from dusk to dawn.


CAUTION: For your safety, please inspect the playing area for potholes, uneven surfaces, obstacles, and foreign objects prior to engaging in disc fun. Not intended for pets, as Lumi-Niter ® contains small parts that can become choking hazards if chewed and swallowed.